A new unit and the thermostat

My mother told me that it was time to get off my duff and get a job. Chilling at home playing video games all day sure was nice, but that apparently wasn’t working out anymore. I begrudgingly began looking for a job. In less than a week, I had gotten my first job interview. It was good to get mom off my back with some proof of my progress, although I was dreading working full time five days a week. While waiting for my interview, I noticed how freezing it was in the office. At first I thought I was shaking and cold from being nervous, but I felt a breeze from a nearby vent and realized the office must be set to a ridiculously low temperature. I was already upset about my interview, but now I had to sit in a small, cold office wishing I could pace around and get the blood flowing. The interview was initially great. All of the tricky questions they were asking me were not too clever for me to answer well! Then they asked my opinion on the workplace environment. When they asked me that question, I couldn’t help but be honest and tell them what I thought. I went on a mini rant about how freezing the office was and how no reasonable person would make it so cold and how it must be tough on the employees. They took this badly, and I don’t think they will be contacting me again. I guess it’s back to the job search online!

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