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It is summertime, and I can feel it.  When you step outside and you can see the heat waves, you know it is hot, and you better get back inside, into the air conditioning.  It is these hot, summer months that drives my electricity bill through the roof. With teenagers in the house, constantly opening and closing the doors, or sometimes forgetting to close them at all, the A/C just doesn’t stop running.  Thankfully, I had the HVAC service provider come by for an A/C tune-up a few months back, in anticipation of yet another terribly hot summer. That’s why I had the A/C technician install a smart thermostat into the HVAC system. It is not very difficult to install a smart thermostat, but since you are tapping into electricity and wiring, and I needed the HVAC tune-up for the summer anyway, I did not want to take on any thermostat job on my own.  It’s tough enough to get through a hot summer with restless teenagers, so I decided to get the HVAC professional out to take care of it all at one time. I’ve always been good about changing out the air filter, and it is rarely dirty when I do place a new air filter into the HVAC system, so I know that part is working well, but with teenagers and their friends around all summer, I certainly did not want to take a chance that my air conditioner would not hold out until fall and now with the smart thermostat, maybe my electricity bill won’t be so high.  

HVAC filter