A no win situation

Sometimes it is hard to be so much alike with another person.  It seems to me that there has to be some differences to make life interesting.  I am worried that my fiance and I will run out of things to say, or just get bored with each other, because we are so much alike.  We met while we were on a spelunking adventure. We found out we loved the same kinds of food. I popped in a CD and he was listening to the same artists.  It just seemed like we belong together, but there is one major difference. I hiking and rock climbing, and obviously I love to go spelunking. After I have been in the cold of the caves or in the heat of the mountain side, I want to get into my car and turn the thermostat up or down, so I am comfortable on my ride home.  We were in a mountain cave one weekend, and it was really cold in there. We got out and went into the car and I turned up the thermostat and had the heater running. You would have thought I had tried to kill someone. He was upset and said I could get just as warm by opening the windows. It was only sixty-five outside and I wanted some heat.  Another time we had been out hiking and when we got back into the car it was ninety. I cranked up the air conditioning and had cool air coming out of the air vents. He opened the windows and told me to get cool with the breeze. I was not happy, and I’m afraid this is just the beginning of the end of us.

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