A perfect house

In the last fifteen or twenty years, entirely working from your apartment or remotely grew in importance to employees and their managers.  For myself and others, the flexibility and benefits of being at home for your job were numerous. To begin with, the commute from my bed to my office, is a whole lot less stressful than the hour long drive that I used to make to the office five afternoons a week… Not to mention, that I could stay in my pajamas or pull on some comfortable sweatpants to begin working.  During the Winter, not having to bundle up for the chilly outside temperatures, is an amazing bonus. One of the possible downsides to entirely working from home, could be the constant use of your central heating air conditioning system. When I began entirely working from home, I was determined not to have an excessive utility bill due to having to use the furnace or the A/C more during the morning.  I discovered that keeping my heating and air conditioning component ran tests on officially was key to my energy savings. I immediately set an appointment with a local HVAC company to have my heating plan ran tests on, since it was the beginning of Winter. The single preventive repair that my spouse knew to perform was changing out the air filter. So I wasn’t surprised that the air filter was clean and didn’t need to be updated.  However, when the heating and air conditioning serviceman took care of the burners in the furnace he noted that they were dirty and needed cleaning. The heating and air conditioning contractor explained that dust often accumulates on the burners during the Summer, so he cleaned the burners and made sure that they were not rusted and also were properly aligned. The heating plan was running well and the condo was heated comfortably when I strolled into my office the next morning still in my slippers.

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