A phone can’t keep you warm

Like most people, I have grown to think of my phone as a lifeline. It goes with me everywhere I go, basically it rarely leaves my hand, and when it does it still stays within grabbing distance. When I have a phone with me, I feel connected to the world at large, and without it I feel like I am bound to miss out on something important. Life has a funny way of teaching you lessons, and I am currently learning that there are much more important things than my phone. I am staying at my uncle’s cabin for a few days, and find myself snowed in, trapped, with no source of heating! At first I thought it wasn’t a big problem because I could still make calls, but it turns out making a phone call isn’t going to get the heating going. This furnace doesn’t work, and since I am snowed in I can call out to an HVAC company but they can’t get up here to help me. As much as I am obsessed with my phone, I would trade it in for a space heater in a heartbeat right now. I called up my uncle and asked if there was a backup heater anywhere in the cabin. He told me the backup heater was called a fireplace, and that if I wanted it to work I would need to go chop some wood. While I know what chopping firewood is, I have never once in my life had to do it because I have always had central heating.