A pipe cleaning

This past winter, we had some issues with our hot water heater. It was during the holiday season, too, so we really had no time to try and deal with the issue ourselves. You know how it is during the holidays – you’re always on the run going here and there and you’re also hosting parties and entertaining at home. You wouldn’t believe how much you actually need hot water, especially during the holidays! That’s because during the cold months of winter, your hot water heater is probably the most important part of your home’s entire plumbing system. A problem with your hot water heater can really mess up your holiday plans in a big way. We learned the hard way with our hot water heater that preventative maintenance is especially important when it comes to deal with plumbing disasters – especially around the holidays. We happened to hear this loud popping noise coming from our hot water heater one night, but we just kind of ignored it. A couple of days later, we noticed that there was some water leaking out all around the unit and that parts of it looked just a little bit rusty. By the time we called an emergency plumber, the damage had already been done. It wasn’t possible for us to have a plumber repair the unit and we ended up having to have a whole new hot water tank installed! That’s not an extra expense that you want to have to deal with right around the holidays! This year, we plan on having a plumber come out to service our new hot water heater early in the fall, just to be on the safe side.