A portable heater

Living in the far east makes you used to a few things: Washing your car weekly and shoveling snow from your walkways to keep your house accessible. Having grown up in the far southwest, I learned about the former of the two via painful, expensive lessons, as I watched the paint job on my car completely rust out. Still, you learn, and in ways you really grow to appreciate the cold weather. I’ve felt I always belonged here, as I sweat in any temperature over 72 degrees. For that reason, I love going out to my shed to hang out and play my drums. My neighbors can always tell when I’m in there, and my closest neighbor always sees me come in and out of the shed in just a t-shirt and gym shorts. I get a good chuckle too, as she can tell when I turn on the ductless mini split system for my shed! I can only imagine what she thinks of me, her insane neighbor that needs an HVAC system on the cooling setting during the Winter! Some people just can’t understand it, but I try to explain how overheated I get. Imagine that you’re always shivering cold, even in 80 degree weather. You might think it’s normal to have the heating system running low while you wear a jacket, but others will look at you like you’re cuckoo! That’s how I feel, but I’m always hot and need air conditioning. The pals I’ve made up here think I’m nuts too, as we’ll go out at night to some local bars, and all I have on to keep warm is a hat on my head. I can’t stand walking around in a jacket and long pants, so as long as my head and ears stay warm, I have nothing to care about! I love living here! Everyone says you get sick of the weather eventually, but I’m nowhere near it yet!

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