A promising start and a valiant fall

My best buddy and I had this ridiculous idea to drive cross-country just for the hell of it.

He had just gotten out of the repair and he wanted to do something unsafe and fun before starting in his father’s Heating and A/C business.

He quickly asked myself and others if I wanted to go along with him. I usually said yeah first and asked questions later. The two of us had numerous thousand dollars and a car, so we felt set. The two of us were on our way. The two of us didn’t even get a map to guide our trip. The two of us both agreed to keep going west and stop when all of us were finally exhausted or needed gas and food. The two of us were a few moments into the trip and our stomachs were rumbling. The two of us weren’t exactly sure what all of us were hungry for, but all of us were starving at that time. The two of us found this nasty looking little restaurant and walked in right away. The food was excellent, but all of us expected it to be roadkill, like the outdoor sign suggested. The two of us got back into the car and opened the windows to try to get rid of the heat until the air conditioning system unit started undoubtedly working. Moments later later, the A/C was still blowing sizzling air, and it was getting warmer. The two of us did our nest and lowered the thermostat, but when the A/C still wasn’t undoubtedly working after four more hours, obviously all of us knew all of us had a problem. The two of us looked for a repair station that performed Heating and A/C repairs. That was the end of our money.
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