A really big solution to my heating worries

I am currently in the really first week of laboring at my internship and I have been having a blast.

The internship that I was able to lock down came at a really pressing time in my life as I have just finished my third to last semester of my senior year.

The internship that I am laboring at is focused on forest protection and protecting the animals within it. The whole reason why I decided to toil in this field is because my father worked as a forest ranger for nearly twenty years until he passed away, in order to keep his legacy alive I knew that this would be the perfect way while also being able to do something I love. I am romantic almost everything about it so far, but I recognize that the coolest thing by far is my living situation! At the moment I am living in a really small wooden apartment located directly in the forest that I am learning how to protect. The thing that I prefer the most about it is the fact that there are no amenities. There is no a/c, no radiant flooring, no wireless, nothing! At the start it was a bit different since I had access to all of this stuff for all of my life prior to the internship, however now I am able to see how much it has helped me focus on the task at hand and stay more in touch with nature. This internship sure isn’t for most kids who can’t go fifteen minutes without a/c, however for someone prefer me it is perfect.