A really dusty furnace

When I turned my furnace on for the first time this November,  it smelled awful. I thought I would just let it run for a bit and the smell would not last, like it had in the past, but within 30 minutes I had to shut it down. The smell was so strong that my eyes were watering and my throat itched. It was clear I would have to get furnace repairs but I was dreading the cost. Since it was still just before the cold season, a technician was able to come out right away. He said he could definitely smell the smell as soon as he came in the house. I thought that the smell had gone away since I’d turned off the furnace but apparently it was still lingering. The serviceman went right to my furnace and started cleaning and vacuuming furiously. It really did seem super dusty. When the furnace technician asked me when was the last time I had my furnace maintenanced and cleaned, I had to tell him I had not done it since I moved in six years past. Apparently, it is good to do it twice a year. No wonder there was a lot of buildup in my furnace. It was burning dust that I had smelled when I tried to get the heat going. I made sure to get my entire HVAC system serviced and cleaned properly and then I was able to turn up the heat without an odor or any kind of problem. At least the furnace did not break down altogether. I want this system to last a long time so I will have regular maintenance done from now on.

electric furnace