A really old HVAC device

When I was in my early 20s, I worked in a used bookstore. At the time I was working on my graduate degree, and the very strange hours the store owner needed me for weirdly worked perfectly with the particular hours I had to go to class… I had looked at a lot of job positions, and this was the only one that provided the flexibility I needed to get where I wanted to go! Honestly, I did feel that working at a used bookstore would be exciting. And at first, it was pretty cool. I got to shelf all kinds of awesome books and help people find cool new brooks. However, the boss had several additional tasks that baffled me when I wrapped pu my first month working at this store. One of the harder tasks I had to take care of was the weekly Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment repair… Now, all of us rented the building, so as far as I was concerned the heating and A/C equipment care should have been part of the lease. That’s how it is with my place, so my boss’ store front should have been the same way, but it wasn’t. The property owner totally refused to care for the Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment and my boss refused to spend money for it. We basically just did our own hodge podge Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment repair. I had to go into the utility closet, unscrew the panel, and remove the air filter, however unlike the ones my parents have at their property, this antiquated air filter needed to be cleaned, not substituted. So I would wait till after closing once every single week and stay late to work on cleaning the air filter. As it dried, I would then get on one of the chairs, under the Heating as well as Air Conditioning equipment vent and scrub out the HVAC duct as well. It remains the most bizarre type of work I’ve ever had.

HVAC mechanic