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My grandparents are typically bickering about one thing: the household HVAC equipment.  I remember hearing arguments about the thermostat since I was a child. Grandma thinks it’s too hot, while grandpa thinks it’s too cold.  It frustrated my siblings and I to hear the same argument over and over again. My mother is typically cold, so she would turn the heat on, even if it was sixty degrees with the sun shining outside. My father, on the other hand, overheated very quickly; he would turn the heat off while in the middle of Wintertime because he felt like he couldn’t breathe. As you can imagine, these extremes were hard to live in the same household–this has been going on for years.  Now that I am an adult have moved out of the house my parents and grandparents live in, I don’t have to hear about this as often. I only encounter it when I visit them. Luckily, they have finally found a solution. My dad decided that after twenty years of arguing, he is going to upgrade the heating and cooling system and invest in additional zone heating. This will allow my parents to set each individual room to its own temperature, which will undoubtedly end the arguing.  My grandma was totally on board, so much so that she even provided the money for the majority of the costs, since it would make her more comfortable. The upgrade is supposed to happen next week. I am undoubtedly worried whether or not this is a permanent solution. And is it really worth the financial investment? Yet I am keeping my fingers crossed!

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