A ruined heating component

We have been having some very  bad snow storms this past few weeks, and as a result of the bad weather, I have not been able to go to work. I know that you are thinking it was because of the snow itself, but  that was not the case. It was because my work had shut down due to the heating system going out! The heating at my job has been down for over a month now, and they have not been able to get a heating or cooling specialist out to the office to repair the broken down heating and cooling system, but the reason for that issue was the snow, but so, as a result of no central heating at my job, I have lost some money. They paid us for the first few days without a furnace, but these last few mornings they are not. The central heating system is supposed to be finally fixed by tomorrow. I am going to talk to my boss about getting paid the few extra days since it was not our fault that the central heating broke down and the heating and cooling supplier could not get a heating and cooling specialist out there to repair it instantly. It is entirely  unfair to all of us to be honest, and because I am a strict person, I will stand up for myself in this case and demand I get paid! It is my legal right after all, is it not? In the end though, I know it will all be fine.