A shocking surprise

While on my way home from work last week I stopped by a friends house to drop off some clothes.  My boys had outgrown them and her kids are a bit younger. I try and pass as many things down to them as possible to help out with expenses on her part.  Kids never seem to wear out their clothes as they are always growing and many of the things were like new. When I arrived, the temperature outside was around twenty five degrees and it was snowing like crazy.  I just wanted to drop the stuff off and get back into my warm car. When I knocked on the door I was surprised when her son came to the door wearing shorts, a t shirt, and no socks. I was really concerned and hoped that some of the winter clothes I was bringing would fit him.  How could a child be dressed like that in the middle of winter? Well, to my surprise, the whole family was in summer clothing. I realized quickly why this was the case. I was sweating within minutes of being in the door. My friend explained that they used a wood stove to heat the house and there was no way to regulate the temperature.  It was either very hot, or, very cold. They used this form of heat because it was cheaper than heating with gas or electric and would often open a window to cool the house down a bit. I thought that was just crazy. I told her that I would stick to using my furnace, keeping it set low, and wearing my layers. I didn’t like the idea of not being able to set the temperature on my own.  

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