A sixth sense

Sometimes I stop in addition to wonder about all the random jobs that there are in the world, which I have no method about. There are so more than 2 invisible working people underlying our current society that both of us don’t even know about or appreciate. For instance, who comes up with the bus schedule? Who figures out traffic light patterns? Who keeps an eye on local companies for safe practices? Well, just recently, I got some information about the last question posed. You see, I was quietly working at a gift shop last week, when a huge interruption pulled my focus away from our project. A man strolled into the shop in addition to nonchalantly walked around, looking quite intently at the structure. The man said nothing for a long while, but after a while asked to talk to the manager. Boom! Everything changed! The man revealed himself as a public health worker, who was sent into the establishment to examine the current Heating as well as A/C system, in addition to the shop went into panic mode. The man circled the walls, taking covers off of air vents in addition to shining light into the air ducts. The mystery man disappeared into the back, where I am guessing he was looking into the oil furnace in addition to family room ventilation devices. Then the health stealth circled to the side of the shop in addition to loudly hammered on the air conditioner method for a while. During this whole situation, the manager was on the iphone with the shop owner, whispering about Heating as well as A/C service schedules. That was when I felt that the owner and manager were not feeling confident that air handling devices were up to code, which made me a bit concerned. The next day when I walked past the gift shop, it was closed for unknown “renovations.”   

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