A southern look

I met this amazing man and we are now dating.  I find everything about him to be fascinating. He has such an amazing life, and he does so much for other people.  His career is that of being a custom furniture designer and builder. I am in awe of his ability to be able to take a boring empty space in a home and bring it to life with one small piece of furniture.  It comes so easy to him and I can see that he is only improving through his years of experience. I honestly had no idea how custom furniture and the right draperies, accessories and wall treatments, could change the feel of a home.  With his help, he can turn your house into the home that you had always envisioned. The experience is nothing like walking in a rooms-to-go and picking out a bundle of pre-built furniture. That is something that anyone can do. When you have some design your furniture, it is built to fit not just your home, but your lifestyle and your needs.  You choose the fabrics that you feel is right for your family. You choose the colors and the textures. It isn’t the same for every room, but so completely different and yet it harmonizes so well. Through the use of an interior design professional and the furniture designer, you will be able to fulfill the dreams that you have for your home. The ambience will far surpass anything you could imagine.  Whether you want the feel of a hunting lodge, or a palace in London, you only need to dream it and the furniture designer will make it happen.

european furniture