A strange doctors prescription

My dad plus I have had a very hard time with dust irritations our entire lives; My dad is now sixty-multiple, and he has a pretty extreme dust irritations still, but he says that he cannot remember a time when he did not have dust irritations almost year round.

  • He started taking a natural supplement that helps more than I can even explain.

With that being said it does not get rid of them all the way. I tried the same supplement, but so far, it has done nothing for me. I have been to the dentist about it more times than I can count, plus I have tried dozens of medicines for my dust irritations. My last appointment to a new dentist that I have been seeing was the most helpful so far. She really told myself and others to buy a few different air cleaners for my house to see if that would help with my dust irritations since I spend tons of my time at home. I did what she said plus purchased 2 air cleaners. I put one purifier in my living room, plus the other 1 in the living room where my office is. I did not have certainly high hopes that they would function the way it should, even though I was willing to try anything by that point. I have been using the air cleaners for about 2 months now, plus I can easily say that they have helped in a big way. I have seen an immense improvement in my dust irritations. Having several air cleaners has helped myself and others more than any medicine or natural supplement that I have ever tried. I told my dad about it, despite the fact that he is stubborn plus does not suppose that it will help him at all, so he refuses to buy an air cleaner. I am just thankful that something is finally working out well.


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