A Sunday on the safari

My husband’s cousin had an excellent opportunity to study overseas last year. She is a fine arts student and is majoring in photography so she chose to travel to the desert region of South Africa so she could take advantage of the scenery and photograph some of the exotic animals that live there. The family was a little concerned at first because that area of the world can be very volatile but she assured us that she was going to be staying in a area that had very tight security. What none of us took into account was the extreme heat that she would be living in and the lack of air conditioning that would be available. Many regions of the world do not have access to power sources or modern heating and cooling devices as we do here in the United States. She was going to be gone for a period of three months so she decided to just make the best of it. There were many days that she contacted her parents and told them about safaris that she had gone on and she would email them some of the spectacular pictures that she was able to get. It was an excellent opportunity for her but I’m sure that everyone was more than relieved when she arrived back home. Living without modern conveniences such as air conditioning can being difficult, but, the opportunity to experiencing something as spectacular as she did at such a young age was well worth the sacrifice. I am very sure that she gained a lot of appreciation for the modern conveniences that she has here at home as well.