A very high SEER rating

Purchasing and installing a central cooling system into our lake house cost a lot more than I expected, but i got talked into buying a top-of-the-line air conditioning, which was super fancy.

I wanted to take advantage of the higher SEER rating and convenient features such as zone control and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Because of this, I was forced to take out a loan and make weekly payments, the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation commanded that I enroll in a preventative repair plan with his supplier. I was unwilling to spend yet more money and declined. I made sure to change the air filter officially and planned to schedule professional repair after a few years, since the air conditioning only operates for about more than five months per year, I assumed it would run just fantastic without repair for at least multiple years! Unfortunately, the air conditioning quit after only multiple years of operation, then when I called for air conditioning repair, the Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman took the system apart and showed me the buildup of debris inside. There was an scary amount of dust, mold, mildew and algae; Every time the air conditioning started up, it was introducing these harmful contaminants into our family’s breathing air, but plus, the debris was blocking airflow, placing added strain on components. This resulted in the malfunction and need to update several entirely fancy parts. Because I had failed to keep up with profession repair every year, the manufacturer’s warranty was void. I had to pay the repairs myself. I have now enrolled in the repair protection plan, but a licensed serviceman comes to the house every Spring to inspect, clean and adjust the air conditioning.

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