A very icky temperature control

Surprises can sometimes be a pleasure. If I’m having a bad dream, and I wake up and realize that it didn’t happen, that’s a good surprise. Back in high school, I remember being sure that I did horrible on a test and worrying about it.  When I finally got the test back, I did far better than I believed and was pleasantly surprised. Other times, there will be a problem and I’ll suspect a complex concern that will cost a fortune. I’ll then begin to wonder if I can even manage the costs for the repair. Then, it sometimes turns out that the issue was not all that major and ends  up not costing a lot. I have had this situation with my car several times. Recently, it was an issue with my cooling system. After a while, I noticed a distinct difference between the temperature on the thermostat and the temperature I felt in the room. I would adjust the thermostat to a nice, cool temperature and it seemed to reach it on the thermostat, but  the temperature in the house was clearly far more overheated in the room. The temperature difference was so drastic that I knew it wasn’t me. I began to think that there was something going wrong with my A/C unit, but I did not want to pay for a technician to come just yet. I decided to look into the concern online first, and found the solution right away. It turned out that the internal workings of the thermostat needed cleaning. Once I cleaned the inside of the thermostat, the problem was solved.  I was able to set the precise temperature of the home and reach the desired comfort level!

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