A very loud rock concert

There is nothing like going to a rock concert in an open air amphitheatre.  When you are in VIP seats at the concert, then the experience is out of this world.  I didn’t know that they had air conditioners that keep the performers cool. They also had air vents that sent the air conditioning right out to the VIP area.  My husband went all out for me that year, and I had an absolutely fantastic time. I was used to going all over the world when he did his job. He helped to design fitness centers for a large corporation and when they needed someone to check on a new opening, he was the one to go out.  He always had the best accomodations, and I was able to go with him. This time, going to the amphitheatre, and sitting in the VIP seats, was the absolute best. I was able to see the sweat trickling down his chest as I felt the air conditioning that was blowing on both of us. He doesn’t do this job anymore, but we have made some memories that no one can take away from us.  Sometimes we sit and talk about the adventures we went on, the sights we have seen, and the different food we had eaten. When it comes to our favorite memory, it will forever be the expensive VIP seats at the amphitheatre, and how he kissed me with the air conditioning blowing my hair in his face. Nothing nor anyone, can ever take that away from us.

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