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We’re putting our house up for sale next month, and we’re doing some last-minute renovations and cleaning before we get it appraised. Multiple appliances have been completely upgraded, and the last upgrade on our to-do list is cleaning up and potentially upgrading the Heating and Air Conditioning system here at home. Assuming we won’t necessarily need to completely upgrade the whole plan, we’d save a ton of money by not having buy brand new equipment. That brings us to now, when we’re calling a Heating and Air Conditioning company to give us an evaluation. After the Heating and Air Conditioning professional arrives, there’s no doubt that we’ll be anxious about his findings! But hopefully, after a thorough analysis of the entire Heating and Air Conditioning system, he’ll tell us that we just need a few cleanings for ducts or something like that. In a perfect world, he could get it done within a few hours and it wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg like we’d feared. Once the heating and air conditioning system is accounted for, we’ll be much more confident in the success of the business.

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