A very warm climate

When I started to notice a lot of dust in our home, I felt like an awful housekeeper. No one was complaining about the dirt, even though I knew it was always there.Even though I was cleaning every day, a small amount of dust still covered the electronics and furniture surfaces.  During our weekly book club, I mentioned the problem to my fellow ladies. They said the problem could be with the HVAC ducts. I didn’t think that I could clean the air ducts. I looked up some online tips to help. After carefully removing all of the air vents, I filled the bathtub with water. I soaked all of the air vents for thirty minutes, in a solution of bleach water. The bleach helps to clean the air vents. I used a duster to reach far into the air duct. I was quite surprised by the amount of dirt, dust, and grime inside of the air ducts. I spent most of Wednesday morning, cleaning and sanitizing the entire duct system and  air vents. Luckily, my teenage son came home just in time to replace all 26 of the air vent covers. It’s been several days of snow and I have noticed a pretty big difference inside of the house. First of all, there is a lot less dust on all of the surfaces. The thing I like the most is the fresh odor in the house. Our home smells and feels much cleaner in general. Now that I see how easy it can be to clean the air duct system, I’ll add this chore to my Spring cleaning routine.

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