A vital lesson

When I asked my husband this year if he was going to call the HVAC company for fall maintenance, he said it wasn’t necessary. I looked at him in complete shock but I figured he must of had some sort of plan to get us through the winter months alive. Well, when we got roughly halfway through the winter, sure enough, we experienced an HVAC system failure. We had to get emergency HVAC system repair and it sure wasn’t pretty. I mean, it was better than nearly freezing to death, but it was a very costly bill. When I was questioning my husband why he decided to not get the regular HVAC system tuneup when we were in the fall season, he said he felt like we were throwing our money away. It seemed like they didn’t do all that much except for clean up the equipment a little bit and make sure everything was working, but he thought he could do all that. Now he knows that we really need to get our HVAC system checked out at least twice per year according to our HVAC worker who handled the emergency repair. He said this happens a lot to people who don’t get their regular HVAC system maintenance taken care of. Basically, you either do things the right way and have peace of mind knowing that everything will workout fine, or you take the risk to your health and to your wallet for emergency repairs. I really hope this lesson sticks with my husband and he doesn’t decide in the spring to not get our HVAC maintenance, because I don’t want to be in the middle of a heatwave and have our A/C fail on us!

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