A wonderful air cooling system

When you live on a farm, life can be extremely hard.  My kids as well as I would get up early in the day as well as go out to the garden to weed as well as water the vegetable plants.  Every one of us would try to get it done before the sun was high in the sky as well as it would be so tepid you wouldn’t be able to breathe.  After all of us got our day chores taken care of, all of us would go into the residence. It was always cool as well as comfortable in our ancient farmhouse.  Every one of us would pull the shades down to block out the solar heating of the sun, turn on the AC machine for some air movement, as well as I would begin their lessons.  I basically homeschooled my children, for the first multiple years of their studying. It seemed to be the regular thing in our farming community. I knew legitimately few people who had formal school for their children until they were in at least fifth grade.  This was when the schools decided to change as well as there was bussing for the kids. Every one of us had an a/c machine in our residence, which made studying their lessons, a little less tiresome for the kids. Every one of us had a relaxed environment because I added a lot of play into their studies.  If they had gone to the elementary school back then, they would have had to walk every day as well as there wasn’t any a/c at all. I don’t really know for certain if they would have learned quite as well. My homeschooling program had them prepared to go directly into the 7th grade as well as they all graduated with complete honors.  I like to assume it was my excellent teaching that got them to where they were. I assume it was the air conditioned environment that had them learn incredibly well however.

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