A world of difference

The other weekend when my family and I went camping, we had a pretty great time. At first the kids weren’t sure if they wanted to go camping because they thought it would be too hot outside, but they actually enjoyed themselves immensely. We had this nice camping ground near the lake and we went to the lake to go swimming. It was a huge lake and I had some inner tubes for my kids to go out there and have a good time. When we were back at the campground, I surprised my kids with this portable HVAC machine. It wasn’t the most powerful HVAC machine in the world, but it had both heating and cooling capabilities. We had this huge tent with different rooms and the portable HVAC machine kept us at the perfect temperature. That’s what I really loved about this portable HVAC machine, the fact that you could adjust the thermostat to your desired temperature. Because the tent wasn’t incredibly huge, that little machine actually worked rather well. It wasn’t like it was entirely freezing outside or anything, but it was sort of nippy. We had good times just roasting marshmallows and hot dogs around the fireplace. We even told scary stories which was great. After that camping trip, my kids have been asking me when we are going to go camping again. I honestly think that portable HVAC machine made a world of difference in how much my children were able to be comfortable and enjoy the camping trip. I’m definitely going to bring that with us everytime we decide to go.