Last month, the strangest thing happened to me. My father came to my door and he wanted to actually hang out. The strange thing about this was that my father actually abandoned me when I was just a little kid. I could hardly even remember him it was such a long time ago. I didn’t even want to talk to him to be honest because he has never been there for me. He insisted however so I took him into my house and I offered him some coffee. He said he would have a cup so I brewed some coffee for the two of us. When we got to talking, he was telling me that he went through something rather serious when I was a child. He said he made a huge mistake back then and there were people that were after him. He said he was in danger and he didn’t want me to be in danger or my mother. He said that he sadly had no choice but to leave or possibly we could have been killed. I didn’t know what to say about that. He then noticed that the air quality in my home was a little lacking. He asked if I was doing alright financially and everything. I wanted to say something like, what do you care… but I realized he was trying to make amends. I didn’t know if he was actually being honest about what happened a long time ago. Even if he was being honest, he shouldn’t have got himself into such a situation to make him leave his family behind. My father then mentioned that the cooling system didn’t really shut off like it was supposed to. He wanted to look at the HVAC unit, so I showed him the thing. I said I knew nothing about HVAC systems. He said he wanted to buy me a new HVAC unit. I didn’t fight him on doing this, and before I knew it the installation crew was there removing the old one and installing a new one. I thought it was nice of him but it still didn’t make up for the lost years we had. I suppose it was a fair start though.

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