Able to repair the HVAC fast

The very last thing that you want to have happen when you’re going to host a nice dinner gathering is to have your Heating, Ventilation and A/C appliance go out on you at the last hour! Well, you also don’t want to supply everyone with food poisoning, either, but aside from that, I guess that the proper functioning of your heating & A/C appliance is the most pressing thing to consider. That’s because when you’re hosting people for a prolonged visit, especially when it’s a dinner gathering, you wish for them to be completely comfortable. I guess that’s especially true when it comes to having your A/C appliance running at the right temperature & capacity. This week, the temperature has certainly been heating up a ton & I’ve had our A/C appliance running at full blast in the dwelling. I recognize I left it running on full blast for too long, & it must’ve frozen up or something. So as I was taking the chickens out of the oven & getting started on the roasted potatoes for our dinner gathering, I was perspiring a great deal & the dwelling literally felt like a furnace. I started to panic because I certainly did not want the dwelling to be an uncomfortably boiling temperature for our dinner guests! I called our Heating, Ventilation and A/C appliance supplier’s emergency line… And while this may not have been a true emergency, I was still willing to spend money for the emergency A/C service fees! They sent out an A/C worker within the hour & right as our first dinner guests pulled in the driveway, the Heating, Ventilation and A/C appliance truck was pulling out into the street. Talk about ideal timing!