AC and the bad times

Last summer we had a lot of terrible things happen around our house – enough to where I thought about calling a priest! I was starting to feel like our house was cursed, because we had a run of terrible luck. First of all, the big tree in our front yard was struck by lightning during a storm. It fell onto our garage, and destroyed the whole roof of the garage in the process! After we finally got all of that mess cleaned up & repaired, the interior stuff started happening, like our refrigerator which stopped working. We had to get a brand new refrigerator, and let me tell you – those aren’t cheap! Our bathroom sink got all clogged up & we had to call a plumber to fix it. Then the worst case of bad luck happened, wherein our central a/c system totally broke down on us! Did I mention it was right in the middle of summer, when the temperatures outside were astronomically high? Without cooling system active in the house, the temperature inside home got uncomfortably hot in under an hour. As soon as the cooling system stopped working, I immediately called up the local Heating & Air Conditioning company, asking them to come out & check out our a/c unit for damage or other faults, Not only did it take several days for them to fit us into their schedule, but when the Heating & Air Conditioning tech got to the house, they didn’t have any of the tools needed to maintenance the cooling system. They explained how they were under the impression that an Air Conditioning Maintenance check was in order, and nothing more. They said an air conditioning repair job would have to be billed separately, and that made me absolutely seething with anger! Being hot and uncomfortable amplifies my anger! When they saw my face after being told the repairs would be on a different invoice, they promised to put a rush on our repair. All I could think was, “Time’s ticking!”