AC at the local club

I’m not the type of person who likes clubs, whether to dance or to drink with the boys; All the people surrounding myself and others in the club are just totally hot, smelly, and also have no respect for personal space! I’m more of a quiet, cozy bar hopper to be honest, as I like sitting at a table as well as enjoying a dark stout with our friends as all of us have a discussion that doesn’t have to be screamed over to be heard! Still, every now and then I catch the dancing bug, as well as I feel the compulsion to find a club playing great music plus hit the dance floor. It’s rare, however when it does actually happen, I go all out with the worst dancing you’ve ever seen! Most recently, I had the urge to go to this popular club downtown that had many dance floors, when my friends and I arrived, I immediately noticed that the a/c was on full blast, then that was a welcome change! Usually, it is hot and muggy like the furnace is blowing, plus smells funky like there’s an air filter in extreme need of updatement. The people I was with and I made our way to the dance floor to get “warmed up” so to speak, as well as I noticed that it was even cooler on the floor! There were various ceiling fans spinning overhead, as well as just above them were various HVAC ducts that were blowing cool air from the central a/c at the club. It was downright heavenly to be honest, plus a wonderful motivator to start moving so I didn’t get too cold! As it turns out, this particular dance floor was the only one with excellent a/c, as the other dance floors had little to no A/C. I assume some people like it hot! And some do not! That’s life!

ac worker