AC broke and HVAC tech was possibly contaminated; kiddie pools outside

My husband and I have been doing our best not to kill each other during this difficult time.

  • We both got released from work about a month ago, and we’ve been trying to work from home together ever since.

Normally, I’m very good at working from home, but having another human in the house is wildly distracting. I’m not accustomed to hearing somebody else moving around, dealing with his unfortunate lighting preferences, or trying to compromise our indoor air temperature needs. Normally, I sit at home and pump heat underneath my desk so I don’t get ice cold in the middle of the day. With my husband at home, he’s been wanting to operate the air conditioning system, instead. I warned him many times that the air conditioning system wasn’t ready to be used intensively because it hadn’t been professionally serviced yet this year. However, that didn’t stop him from switching the thermostat to the cooling setting and pumping cold air through our air vents. Within two days, the air conditioning system completely broke down. Now, at first I was fine with that because it actually felt more comfortable indoors without the AC running. Then, the outdoor air temperature started increasing. Suddenly, it really was feeling like summertime and we needed our air conditioner to be comfortable. Unfortunately, now it was impossible to get an HVAC tech out to our house. Most local air quality control companies had shut down to reduce the risk of contamination between their air quality control specialists and residents. My husband insisted it wasn’t his fault that we had no air conditioning, and promised me he would come up with a viable alternative. The next thing I knew, he had pulled several kiddie pools out of the shed and offered me a cool oasis from the indoor heat. Now we’re working side-by-side from our private pools.

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