AC in the hospital is dirty

My neighbor told me this story of how her household was overcome with mold. She said she knew she had bought her household used, as it was officially rented out by university students. She had got a pretty sweet deal on the mortgage payments & she figured it was because of the heavy traffic near the school campus. She didn’t mind the traffic & just saw the deal as a way to save money for her trip to the Bahamas. The two of us would speak to one another when every one of us were in the backyard folding laundry. We were never over friendly with one another & knew our boundaries as neighbors, however that was until the day I saw her run out of her door & began vomiting on the ground. I hurried over to her & asked what was going on. She didn’t know really, but all night she had felt sick. I called the ambulance & they took her away to the hospital. I went to visit her in the hospital a short while later to show my respect & asked her what was going on. She said she smelled a horrible stench all that night & suspected it was her trash that she needed to take out. When she went into the basement, the aroma became stronger. That was when she noticed the mold seeping through the walls & ceiling. She had recognizably questioned the realtor when she purchased the household if it needed any ventilation work or an HVAC device upgrade. The reply was no. That amount of mold didn’t build while she was residing there, so it must have been known to others involved. I took it upon myself to schedule & Heating & Air Conditioning device business to come & examine her dilemma with the entire HVAC device. She said she was in the process of contacting her attorney.

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