Ac in the hospital

Not long ago I was provided a job that I could not say no to, and I have been working as a nurse in a  small town medical plant for the past couple of years as well as I am absolutely ready for a new job. I really like the hospital I currently work at but I don’t gain much experience due to they are not many patients that come in every day… Most days the crew of us get more than 2 to more than 4 patients as well as it is normally something entirely  easy to fix, however, I was provided a job at the brand new, state of the art place that is opening a couple of towns over. I know that I will either have to move or make a long commute each day, but I know it will be worth it in order to get experience going in the operating room; The current hospital I am in is so tiny that the heating as well as cooling idea is handled right by the nurse station, that means that if I am too cold I can just change the temperature of the thermostat! When I went into our first day at the new hospital, it was quite cold. It felt like the a/c was blasting as well as the training room was about 59 degrees. I was shocked that no 1 else was talking about the blasting cooling system as well as the temperature of the space.

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