AC inside our warehouse

My wifey is the first to the tasks every day. Of course, she is also the last person to leave her job in the night. And because of this, it is her assigned task to control the corporation’s thermostat for the cooling system. She is required to turn the thermostat to a higher temperature when she leaves every evening, in order to conserve energy and save the corporation some currency. However, the business is responsible for some delicate medical supplies, so she cannot turn the thermostat that controls the cooling system off completely. If the cooling system were to be turned off entirely, the heat plus humidity could warp the medical supplies. This would obviously not be wonderful for the wifey or her employer.  As soon as my wifey gets into work each day, her first duty is to switch the thermostat to a lower and comfortable setting for the building. She says it usually takes an hour or two for the whole place to cool off, but once the cooling of the HVAC system fully kicks in, she and her coworkers can concentrate more and get much more work done, and the bonus of being in charge of the thermostat is getting to set the temperature to your particular liking. Then again, my wifey prefers her air conditioning pretty frigid, so she gets to set the office thermostat fairly low, and her colleagues don’t seem to mind. Being in control of the corporate thermostat and climate control might be an annoyance to some, but my wifey truly does not mind, since she gets to set the temperature to just what she likes.

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