AC is an acquired taste

Once upon a time I could not stand the taste of coffee. I guess that’s why they call it an acquired taste, because it takes a lot of time to trick your body into thinking it isn’t gross. I don’t drink coffee because I enjoy it, I drink it because it does a particular job. Not that different from beer, I suppose, only that one makes me sleepy and the other perks me up. Nothing wakes me up just like a fresh cup of hot coffee first thing in the morning, especially after a night of drinking. I feel the same way about air conditioners, in that I don’t like them, but I do use them sometimes as a tool for comfort. A few years ago the central A/C system in my house went completely off the rails, and required a total replacement. I did not have the money for a new air conditioner, and even if I did I lacked the inclination to spend so much on something so frivolous. Instead I spent a tiny fraction of the money to get myself a small window-mounted box style AC unit. I reasoned that I did not need cooling for the whole house, only for myself, and only at certain times. Not only did I save a lot of money on the air conditioner itself, but I also spend considerably less each month on my utility bills to run it. I admit that after a long day of work I like to cool my heels in front of the air vents, but other than that I could live without it.