AC needs installed for my sunroom

Where I live, our housing market is harshly competitive.

  • I’m in 1 of the fastest growing cities in the entire nation, and all of us are now experiencing big growth every single year.

That being said, you can imagine that our housing here is not genuinely cheap. It’s genuinely strenuous to find a rental for under $1,200 per month. It’s also genuinely strenuous to try and find a lake house in a proper section that is less than 250,000. I can tell you, neither of those figures fits into my current living situation. I desperately needed to own my own home, although I was finding the real estate market to be rather difficult. If you do not buy a house within the first day that it’s on the market, you are not going to acquire the house. That’s why I jumped as fast as I could when my small dream house came up.This house that everything that I wanted, including an awesome sunroom on the back of the place. I was in love with this naturally yet heated and ventilated outdoor space. I actually wanted to do my tasks out there everyday, where there was fresh air and plenty of sunshine. What I didn’t understand before I made my bid on the house, but, was that the sunroom was not sealed up or suited with air temperature control equipment. When I got into the space, I instantly started making many changes. I sealed up the doors and windows to the sunroom as tightly as I could. I added a great deal of insulation to the ceiling, and called out my local Heating, Ventilation, and A/C worker for some advice on the air temperature situation. He advised that I could install a mini cut ductless heating and cooling device which would allow myself and others to use the sunroom in the summer time or Winter time seasons. These afternoons, I think I am living in the best house in the city. Best of all, I guess I’ll make a pretty penny if I decide to move.



Heating and cooling equipment