AC not blowing cold air

It is the middle of the Summer in the area that I live in plus it has been honestly hot so far, it is only June plus I have to make sure that our air conditioning system is running at all times if I want to keep our beach house cool.

I honestly hate running the air conditioning system this often, however if I don’t then the beach house will heat up way too rapidly; One morning Last weekI woke up in the middle of the night plus felt care about the heat was 1, my first thought was that I accidentally turned the furnace on while I was trying to adjust the thermostat before I went to bed.

However, right when I looked at the thermostat I knew that something more extreme was wrong, and the thermostat was set to seventy-5 degrees, however the air conditioning system vents felt care about there was heat coming out. I don’t suppose why our air conditioning system felt care about heat was coming out, however I had a feeling that it was going to cost myself and others more money than I wanted it too! So, that morning I called a local HVAC contractor to come out to the beach house right away so that I could service this concern rapidly. I knew that it was too hot outside to be without the air conditioner for too long. I honestly hope that the HVAC tech can service the issue rapidly because I don’t want to have to wake up sweaty again, that was just too much to handle.

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