Ac repair in the heat

In the way south, the heat begins to blast high in during early spring. By early spring, it is typical to see hot plus humid temperatures in the high 90s. It only gets worse from this point. Every day after that seems to grow more with heat plus moisture. Nights are so warm that simply having a ceiling fan on isn’t good enough. Every one of us tried that plus noticed that it was absolutely more comfortable to sleep with windows sealed than to leave them open plus endure the nighttime warmth, and once both of us took all that we could from the southern heat, both of us invested in a brand current Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment for our home. Every one of us got a great deal on it plus it was given on time plus set up without any hitches. That was until a week went by plus my wife plus I found ourselves soaking with sweat at midnight. I tested the indoor temperature nozzle plus it said everything was toiling ok. But, when my wife investigated the outside equipment she saw that blowers were moving really bad, if not at all. I spent the rest of the night plus early day picking apart the insides of the air conditioning system equipment to no point. I called the shop from where both of us bought the system plus they said that both of us could bring it back, however it would take a few days to come back fixed up. Although, both of us were hesitant to call a HVAC guy, we did.