Ac to vent out smells

Lately I’ve been noticing that my beach house has this weird, smell that can truly ruin my mood. I  had friends over to watch the game last weekend, and within ten minutes of arriving at my home, all of them asked me the same question: “Dude, why does your beach house smell like a litter box?” Apparently I was pretty nose-blind to how intense the smell truly was! Embarrassment aside, I realized I needed to something about the air conditioning and soon! I reached out to my local HVAC service specialist,and asked for their advice. It was a lucky guess  for me to reach them first, since I suspected my home’s A/C might have something to do with the odor. They told me that I should have a specialist come by and check out the system, as there might be something in the ducts that shouldn’t be there. That was their polite way of telling me that there could be something dead in there! When the specialist came, I was worried to find out what critter could have found their way into my air duct. The HVAC specialist found an access point where she could check into the air duct, and she found nothing. I was confused, and didn’t understand what the problem could be! Then, my specialist showed me the air filter that I had neglected to replace in the past several months. As soon as she pulled the air filter out of place, I could smell that strong ammonia smell again! The specialist explained that we naturally shed skin, and  the air conditioner can pick up all that skin as it gets stuck in the air filter. As it builds up, the smell of decomposed tissue gets stronger – and that’s where the small came from! That’s the last time I’ll ever have my air filter go more than a month without rotation!