AC unit continues working in the winter

Well, whenever my boyfriend and I moved into this house, we knew that we were going to need some extra temperature control upstairs where our bedrooms are located. It was clear that the top layer of our new home did not have the best insulation to trap in warm or cold air, and that the windows felt pretty drafty. We could tell that the air vents didn’t provide enough power to control the temperature universally throughout all of the upstairs spaces, and that additional methods of air temperature control would be required to stay on top of our indoor environment. That’s when we invested in a little portable AC unit to use in our own bedroom, as a way to keep the air moderately cold at night while we slept. Well, during the long and brutally hot summer months this cooling system did the trick to keep up properly cool and fresh throughout the night, and we considered it to be a sound investment. What we didn’t realize until last night, however, was that the AC unit was actually still working for us throughout this winter season, as well. See, when we laid down into bed last night and tried to get comfortable, it was clear that our room was way colder than the rest of the house. A draft was plaguing our bed, in particular, and we weren’t sure why the air felt so different here. It took a moment or two before we tracked down the culprit – the portable AC unit in the corner. Since the air transfer tube was still attached firmly from the cooling system to the window, it was allowing cold air to pour straight from the frigid outdoors, through the metal tubing, and into our room. Here we were trying to use the heat, and our AC was essentially still in operation the whole time!

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