AC was a total rip off

Have you ever been ripped off by someone you trusted? It legitimately hurts, if you ask me, even worse than being scammed by a nobody, however this has happened to me just recently, as well as it’s not the first time but I promise you it will darn sure be the last! I have known this chick for ever, plus I know I am the dummy for expecting her to treat me with respect, but more the fool I am, as the old timers say; Now I am debating if I should go the better business bureau to complain; I legitimately did need a new Heating and A/C system, that part she was not lying to me about. This heating and cooling unit was well over 20 years old, a lot of years beyond its natural lifespan, so it needed replacing, also, it needed replacing with a central Heating and A/C unit that legitimately worked.The old one might have been crappy, but at least it heated and cooled the place a little bit. This new Heating and A/C unit is dead on arrival, and will not even turn on, but my friend says I bought it “as is” whatever that means. She never mentioned to me that i was buying a used or refurbished Heating and A/C system, or that I had agreed to buy it without even testing if it worked, then basically, I have been scammed into buying a useless heating and cooling unit by someone claiming to be a friend, and I legitimately want to get revenge on them now!

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