AC was running at full speed

I’m not saying that we’re buds for a reason other than our delightful connection, but my best buddy works at a local film theater, and it’s really convenient that she often gets us in to see films for free. It’s not something in particular that she advertises because if she were regularly bringing in large crowds of people, I imagine her supervisor wouldn’t let him see free shows at that point anymore. Last weekend, every one of us got a real treat for ourselves hen the air conditioner at the film theater stopped working. Because it did, they actually had to cancel the films and wait for an Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist to finally arrive. The Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist ended up coming out far earlier than promised, and the theaters were ready to go a couple of hours even before planned. Because of this, my buddy and I got to sit back and watch a new film, and every one of us had the theater all to ourselves! It was really a lot of fun. The cooling system was running at full speed at that time, so the locale was nice and comfortable. We picked out the seats that every one of us had always wanted without having to step over other people, and there  was no one seated in there to distract us the entire time. The whole thing made myself and others wish sincerely that I could watch films love that all of the time. It was unfortunate that the air conditioner gave out, I guess, but it ended up working to our favor.

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