AC when I golf

It was an incredibly sizzling morning last weekend, yet some friends invited me to go golfing with them. I couldn’t turn them down; it was generous of them to cover the cost for me to be in the game. So, I went, although I definitely struggled the entire time. It particularly wasn’t just me however; all the people was struggling pretty bad. When every one of us were all through by the end of the afternoon, I couldn’t wait to get back into my truck plus crank on the cooling system. Earlier I actually dumped some water on my head because I was dripping with sweat so bad! That only helped for a short while until that blazing sunshine made me and the others get overheated once again. I was feeling a lot better when I had the air conditioning system blasting for a little while I drove the truck for home. I stopped at a gas station to get a cool drink. Then I decided to take the opportunity to pick up some food for my family before I headed back home. I figured my partner could use a night off from cooking; I was even sure if he had a dinner plan. I returned to the lake house with  chicken, biscuits, mashed potatoes plus some root beer. The kids were ecstatic because they loved to eat chicken, then my partner wasn’t cooking anything yet; he was relieved too. He asked me how the game went and I told him about the scorching heat plus how strenuous it was to get through separate from a cooling system. I was just thankful to be back at the lake house–the air conditioning system particularly felt fantastic.

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