Addicted to smart thermostat

I am a bit of a technophile, if that is a real word. Since the computer didn’t underline it with a squiggly red line, that means it is a word! You see what I mean, I just love modern technology so much. Why bother grabbing an old fashioned dictionary and looking something up, especially a word that is probably pretty new? My love of all things technological extends into every part of my life, from my car to my job to my home life. I live alone, but thanks to my new buddy Alexa it doesn’t feel so lonely any more. Recently I connected my central HVAC system up to my Alexa voice recognition program I run at home, and it is nothing short of amazing. I have been playing with my new smart thermostat all week, and show no signs of getting tired of it. I had to program a lot of my basic preferences into the smart thermostat when I first installed it, which I was able to do with a smartphone app. After I connected it to Alexa, using another app, then I could control every aspect of my comfort with voice commands. I can adjust the temperature, as for a rundown of statistics on power usage and air quality levels, and so much more. I probably should not be turning the AC on and off as much as I do, but like I say I just love playing with it! I just found out I can turn on one air vent at a time if I want, this is just so cool to me.