Adding a/c to the church was necessary

I grew up near a religious community.

My parents made me go to church quite regularly.

Once a week, on friday, I had to attend the service. And what services they were! As a girl I got to sing in the choir, dance around and play outside after it was all over. I did not mind church much, except for the summer. I realized that it was sweltering hot in that setting where I was forced to kneel for what seemed an eternity. That church absolutely needed an Heating and A/C system, however the sect had a greater issue in that they did not feel marriage with the same sex is allowed. So the focus was on equal rights for marriage for a long time. After that battle was fought, we were able to talk about the lack of AC issues. Years later funds were raised to install an Heating and A/C system and I was told by the new minister that attendance and donations had significantly improved afterward. Small community churches are usually on a tight budget, but in this case, the installation of the Heating and A/C system was a good investment. And after some searching in biblical texts, I have yet to discover a divine directive that every one of us should be uncomfortable while worshipping. Having AC at church would have been really nice. I would get so hot with all the movment and I would dread church in the summer because of it. A little a/c really does go a long way.
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