Adding a humidifier to my heater

The air quality in my home always gets so dry in the Winter. The snow, ice and harsh winds naturally dry out the air. Then, you add in a heating system and there is no moisture to be found. The heater I use is about 100 years old and is super dusty. I have yet to figure out how to clean the inside of it. So every year the heater runs at full speed ahead polluting my indoor air quality. The dry air conditions in my home makes it so static cling is a problem and electric shocks. My skin gets flaky, my nose bleeds and even the wood furniture in my home sometimes splits in half due to the lack of moisture. I have read online how to fix this issue. Everything I have found has said to add a humidifier with my heating equipment. Apparently, adding a little humidity can do a lot of good. Not only will my skin and home be moisturized, but the heating equipment will appreciate it too. With moisture in the air quality, the air naturally feels warmer. So adding a humidifier to the heater ensures that I can set the thermostat a couple degrees lower. I actually save money with the investment of a humidifier. It is healthy for me, the home and the heating system. Now, I just need to find the right size and model for my furnace. I want to have a humidifier that can be built right into the furnace. As the heater turns on, I want the moisture already affecting that air.

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