Adding an air conditioner unit

My neighbor Sandra called this afternoon. We went to college together, and have been lifelong friends for about 15 years. Sandra was frantic, because they had numerous feet of snow during the late evening snowstorm, and their heating device stopped working. Sandra asked if she could talk to my wife, because she works as a household repair manager, and she deals with household repair problems all day long. But Lisa can repair any type of heating or a/c device. Lisa was ecstatic to help Sandra troubleshoot the problem. It’s funny that Sandra was having heating device problems last evening, because Lisa and I are still using the a/c at our household. Sandra had numerous feet of snow, and we still have 74% humidity outside. It’s hard to believe sometimes that numerous people could live in the same country, and experience such differences in environments, weather, and temperature. While Sandra is upset about the heating device, I still have the a/c system blasting away. I keep telling Sandra that she should transfer out closer to me, although she prefers the colder Winter temperatures. Sandra and her husband spend a lot of time skiing and snowboarding, and they both enjoy ice fishing. A few years ago, my wife and I went up there to visit. We had a lot of fun snowboarding, but it was much too chilly for me. After spending roughly an hour on the iphone, Lisa finally told Tricia to contact her heating device repair provider. Sandra believed the heating device needed a current temperature control. We could walk her through the installation process, but it was easier to call a professional. I hope that fixes the issue. I’m still waiting to hear from Sandra.

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