Adding space heaters to decrease workload of the furnace

This past Winter I was searching for ways to save money on electric bills by conserving energy.

I started by focusing on the central heating system.

It gets bitterly cold in this area.The gas furnace is running non stop from November through April! I hoped to do something to lessen the workload of the heating system. I researched online for any kind of energy saving measures or improvements which could lessen the strain and demand on the central heating system. I found a lot of information about heating and cooling and efficiency levels. I eventually started looking into different types of space heaters. I had not realized that space heaters had so improved in safety and efficiency levels. I discovered a whole new means of keeping specific rooms in the home perfectly warm without spending a lot of money! These space heaters are available for purchase at any local hardware store. Many of the nicer models are priced under a hundred dollars. I decided to buy a couple of space heaters for my home. One space went into the living room and another was set in the master bedroom. They allow me to get by with a much lower thermostat setting. The furnace doesn’t run as long or as often. The space heaters are sufficient for when I’m watching television or sleeping. I have noticed a significant decrease in my monthly energy bill! The savings has quickly recovered the cost of the space heaters. I’m now saving up to replace the windows in the house to further improve energy efficiency.


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