Adjusting the thermostat

I have some deep complications over the kids growing up today. From the limited experience I have with them, they are terrible, and they cannot take their eyes from their cell phones. Sadly they aren’t using that space-age tool to gain any worthwhile information, that is obvious for sure. I’m blown away over and over by all the basic information things these dolts don’t have. For instance, I learned recently that my age 17 niece doesn’t have a clue as to what taxes are. It’s not that she’s having trouble filing her own taxes. Of course I wouldn’t be complaining about that fact. No, I unfortunately mean she literally didn’t realize taxes existed – Federal, State, or even Sales. I almost cried when both of us had that talk, and l wish she did too… Don’t even get me started on my age 15 nephew, because he’s even more spacey. The other day he really almost burnt down my cabin trying to increase the room temperature by a few measly degrees. How is the world is this possible, you ask? Well, I left the little imbecile alone to go take a phone call last week, and in that time he decided the indoor temperature was unsatisfactory, then rather than turning up the thermostat, like a human with a brain would, he decided it was best to light the fireplace instead. Isn’t this off to a interesting start? Just like the start was his fire. Apparently he could not get the logs to light, so in his “chilly cold desperation,” he decided to dump lighter fluid all over the fireplace. This would be a dangerous thing normally, but it was not a wood burning fireplace… Fortunately for our sake, I own a gas fireplace instead. This mind boggling child set fire to my fake plastic logs! To his credit, at least the melted puddle of plastic and lighter fluid was finally starting to heat up the cabin, right as I walked into the living room.

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