Aeroseal duct sealing prevent energy waste

My house is equipped with a forced-air heating and cooling system that uses ducts to distribute heated/cooled air to the various rooms. The average home loses about thirty percent of the air that moves through the duct system, because of holes, leaks and improper connections at the seams. This causes much higher utility bills and leads to difficulty keeping the house comfortable, no matter the thermostat setting. High summer and winter energy bills, stuffy air, lots of airborne dust and temperature fluctuation between rooms are signs of problems with the duct system. Every five years, I ask a local HVAC contractor to thoroughly inspect the duct system and provide recommendation. If there are any flaws contributing to energy waste, he performs the process of duct sealing. Because the ducts are concealed inside walls, ceilings, the attic and basement, accessing them is a challenge. Through a procedure called Aeroseal, the HVAC contractor is able to resolve problems with the entirety of the duct system without extensive labor or causing damage to my home. He first seals off all of the return and supply vents. He then sends pressurized air, laced with adhesive polymer particles, at high volume into the duct system. As the pressurized air travels through the branching series of pipes, it escapes through any holes or cracks. The adhesive particles cling to the edges of the leaks, gradually building up until they create an airtight seal. The Aeroseal process is effective at sealing holes up to an inch in diameter. It only takes around an hour, and there’s no mess or odors left behind.